Pomellato: Jewelry in all colors of the rainbow

The jewels of the Pomellato brand bring a sparkly highlight to any outfit. The hand-cut, precious gemstones - from brown diamond to blue sapphire to lemon quartz - express a powerful femininity. Organic forms combine with timeless minerals to form meticulous works of art. Whether rings, necklaces, necklaces or earrings, the modern creations convey joy and elegance. That's why we are proud to offer Pomellato in our assortment.

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The story of a family

The origins of the Pomellato brand are located in the fashion capital of Milan, Italy. Pino Rabolino, who was born into a traditional goldsmith family, founded his own jewelry label in 1967. With generation-old knowledge of the processing of gold and precious stones, he embarked on creating ensembles that both resembled artistry, but also reflected a modern understanding of luxury and fashion. His style quickly became famous – and jewelry in line with fashion has become a trademark of the Italian company. Hence it is no surprise that Pomellato became part of the luxury group Kering in 2013, which already houses brands like Puma, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Volcom, Ulysse Nardin, Dodo and many more. Despite this merger, CEO Sabina Belli firmly continues to rule in the Milanese house. Values and traditions play a large role in the company until today: Everything, from the first idea to the finished piece, is made in the Milanese house - by hand. Master goldsmith Silvano Pecchio has been working at Pomellato for over thirty years, putting his creative energy and utmost care into each of his projects on a daily basis.

Pomellato resembles innovation

The label is not only known for wearable jewelry, but was also the first to change the way stones were cut. With irregular diamond pavés they created another milestone in the jewelry market. The cabochon style also goes back to the brand’s designs. They also pioneered the popularity of rosé gold and made it a trademark of their brand. Equally iconic is the Nudo ring, which vows with a deliberately irregular facet through its special cut.

Good to know

Pomellato is a brand by women and for women. Among the 600 employees, 71% are female. The company is also active in the area of ​​sustainability. For a good twenty years, it has been supporting WWF Italy in the conservation of endangered species. In 1994, the company was able to win photographer Michel Compte for a charity project, thereby supporting the development of an orthopedic hospital in Kabul.

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